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PY-EC30 LCD Electronic Compass with GPS

The main features of the PY-EC30 are:

•    Affordable electronic compass solution
•    Provides GPS information, Lon/Lat, SOG and COG
•    Using high precision sensor PY-GA09
•    Able to correct Magnetic Deviation manually or automatically
•    Selectable output baud rate and intervals for heading information (HDT, HDM or HDG)
•    Output of GPS and heading data can interface with other equipment on board
•    Rugged and waterproof heading sensor suitable for outdoor marine condition

Power Supply

  • Electrical: 10.5 - 40VDC

  • Protection: Over-current, over-voltage, power transient & accidental reverse polarity protection

Output/Input (IEC61162-l)

  • Input: 2 x NMEA0183

                  a. Input sentences: GGA, GLL, GMS, GNS, GSA, GSV, RMC,                      VTG, HDT, PASHR

                  b. Baudrate: auto scan up to 38400

                  c. Support heading/GPS sensor: PY-GA09 or other heading 

                  sensor with NMEA0183 output

  • Output: 2 x NMEA0183

                     Port 1 and Port 2 (RS232) : 

                     a. Output sentences: HDT, HDM
                     & HDG (selectable) and RMC, GSA, GGA, VTG, ZDA (fixed)​

                     b. Heading output interval selections: 25ms, 100ms, 200ms 

                     (default) & l,000ms

                     c. Output baudrate selections: 4800 (default), 9600, 19200 &

                     38400 (selectable)

Environment Conditions

  • Ambient Temperature: Display unit : -15°C to +55°C

                                               Heading/GPS sensor unit: -25°C to +70°C (for PY-GA09)​

  • Humidity: 93% ±3% on 40°C

  • Waterproofing: Display unit: IPX5

                                  Heading/GPS sensor unit: IPX7 (for PY-GA09)​

Product Dimension & Installation Drawing

Asset 8_300x.png
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