Ship Design

PIO-Ship is committed to design and development of high performances ships and is capable to provide planning, hull design, naval architecture, lightweight material & equipment package, shipbuilding support & service etc.

Ship Design Overview

20m Passenger ship-PPS FERRY 1

14m High speed patrol boat

12m High speed patrol boat


- Mature Technology.

- Remarkable sea-keeping performance, highly improved comfortabilty for crews.

- Multi-functional, can perform fast patrolling, rescue, or firefighting missions.

- Highly integrated information & intelligence technology.


- Combine advantages of hovercraft and catamaran.

- High speed, high sea-keeping performance and good resistance performance.

- Low draft, suitable for beach landing without port.

- Modular design, multi-mission payload platform 


- Combine hydrodynamic & aerodynamic technologies.

- Excellent on speed performance with maximum speed up to 60-70 knots.

- Good stability and outstanding acceleration.

- Good stealth performance, suitable for special force & special mission.

- Highly integrated intelligent technology, unmanned control option available 

Our Services

- Customised Ship Design 

- Engineering Consultancy Services

- Technology Transfer

- Shipbuilding Kit Supply

- Local Building Support

- Turn-key Ship Delivery

- Customised Interior and Outfitting Solutions

- Marine Lightweight Furniture

- 4D Wooden Pattern Furniture 

- Aluminium Honeycomb Furniture

- Marine Chart Plotter

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