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Marine HVAC Product Line

We provide fully turnkey HVAC solutions for marine & offshore applications, from engineering design, equipment supply & installation, to testing commisioning and after service.

In addition to provide a full solution for marine HVAC systems, we are also the authorised distributor to provide full range of marine HVAC equipment, which include:


Air-Conditioning System

Provision System

Ventilation System

Noise and Vibration Control System

Marine HVAC-Air handling Unit.JPG

Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Cooling Capacity: 2kW-1200kW


Cooling Capacity: 12kW-1580kW


Refrigerant Plant.JPG

Refrigerant Plant

Cooling Capacity: 2kW-82kW


Package Unit
Cooling Capacity: 2kW-58kW





Dehumidifier Unit


chiller unit.JPG

Small Size Chiller Unit & Fan Coil


Liquid or Air Cooling source for military use


fan & blower.JPG

Variable Type of Fans & Blower
Flow Rate range from 110- 220,000 m3/h



Marine HVAC equipment Accesssories: Spiral Duct, Dampers etc.


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