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Wave Glider

Wave Glider is a new generation of autonomous ocean unmanned platform, which consists of two components, the surface floating body and the underwater sailing wing, connected by 4.5m umbili-cal cable. 
It has the characteristic of long mission durations that can be deployed in water all year round with the use of clean energy such as wave energy and solar energy to provide navigational power and maintain the operation of its own electrical system, commu-nication system and servo system. The platform is based on Beidou satellite system to achieve the construction of communication data chain to ensure the security of data collection. 
Users can use a variety of marine sensors and moni-toring equipment for different applications. This makes the wave glider a mobile, flexible, multi-infor-mation sensor integrated marine unmanned moni-toring platform. 
In the process of autonomous navigation, it achieves the objectives of basic marine data collec-tion, marine underwater target tracking, and marine resource investigation. The platform has good con-cealment and can be used for tasks such as secret investigation, defense of island reefs, and maritime security. 


Wave Glider when equipped with different kinds of marine survey instruments and equipment, it can perform maritime assignments for different tasks, and it is mainly used in the following fields: 


Marine Science Research

Global Climate Research

Marine Resource Investigation,

Natural Disasters - Earthquake/Hurricanes/ Typhoons Warning

Offshore Environment Monitoring

Fishery Resources Survey

Marine Ecosystem Monitoring

Oil & Gas Platform Management

Marine communication relay station, and more Military:

Marine Safety Guards

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

Anti-mine detection

Intelligence Gathering & Surveillance

Maritime Vigilance Island reef defence

Underwater target tracking

Seaport safety monitoring

Tactical weather forecast, etc. 


Configuration Setup:


• Beidou AIS receiver

• Airmar 200WX Weather Station

• Wave sensor(Datawell MOSE-G1000)



• Anti-water camera

• Measuring instrument (TRDI WHM-300 ADCP)

• Sensor(SeaBird 49 GPCTD)

• Doppler Speed Measuring Instrument (Chl-a,COOM)

• Ocean pH Measuring instrurnent(SeaFET)

• pCO2 Measuring instrument (NOM PMEL MAPCO2 or Contros HydroC CO2)

• Ocean hyperspectral sensors ( Satlantic HyperOCR )

• PAR Sensor(Wethabs ECO PAR)

• Hydrophones

• Scripps HARP hydrophone

• Fish Finder (BioSonics DT-X SUB echo-sounder)

• Thermistor Chain

• Marine magnetometer( GB8SXS or Seaspy) 

Wave Glider- 02.JPG
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