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Marine Bedding

Our marine bed frames are made out of lightweight honeycomb panels. It’s characteristic of high
bending strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, good fireproof performance and high resistance is
perfect for the marine environment. The Marine Bedding Series’s products can be used on pleasure
boats, yachts, cruise, passenger vessels, hospital ship etc. We supply both ready made and custom
made a marine bed frame.
Our products are tested and certified by JYCX (Quality Management System Certification), MED, Far
East Fire, Naval Medical Research Unit. Various performance test includes Mechanics Performance
Report, Micro-arc Oxidation Test Report





Privacy Curtain


Double Bunks


Triple Bunks


type of storage-marine bedding.JPG

Underneath storage


Cabinet with Door

(Locker Optional)


IMO Compliant Mattress

 Fully IMO compliant Bedding, Blankets, Duvets, Pillows etc. provided for marine & offshore use.

Pocket Sprung Mattress
pocket sprung mattress.JPG

‘The Admiral’ - Orthopaedic Support


‘The Officer’ - Home Comfort Aboard


‘The Offshore’ - Pocket Sprung (Roll-Pack)


mattress function.JPG
Economy Sprung Mattresses
economy sprung mattress.JPG

‘The Crew’ - Economy Sprung


‘OffShore Rig Mattress’ - Source 7 Sprung


‘The Offshore’ - Economy Sprung (Roll-Pack)


economy sprung mattress-function.JPG
Any Size Available. Most Popular Size:
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