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Fiber-Optic Gyro Compass (FOG) - BlueSun-60 & 110
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BlueSun-60 (MFG-III) & BlueSun-110 (MFG-1)

The BlueSun-60 (MFG-III) and BlueSun-110 (MFG-I) contains 3 high-precision fiber optic gyroscopes and 3 quartz accelerometers to provide information on the carrier’s heading, pitch, roll, and rate of turning; with the CCS and EC certification.


Product Features

The main features of both BlueSun-60 (MFG-III) and BlueSun-110 (MFG-I) are:

• Save Money: No need for maintenance fee and replacement of gyro sphere (5 years warranty)

• Stability: All solid state without moving parts, low failure rate

• Safety: Blackout / Restart / Frequent steering cause no damage

• Double Insurance: Supports 100% dual redundancy, which meets IMO requirements for safe return to port

• Save Time: ≤30 minutes for the north-seeking

• Reassuring: Support crew installation,  half day can be done

• Convenient: Low power, fast follow up, no heading error caused by rolling, with heading management function

• Portable: Small size, easy to carry, convenient transportation

Application Field

• Automatic navigation of all kinds of surface ships and unmanned boats

• Attitude and heading reference system for marine engineering system, such as dynamic positioning system

Standard System Composition

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• According to the needs of different users, power supply box, operation display unit and interface box are optional.

• Digital compass repeater can be added on the basis of the above units to meet the needs of heading repeater.

Dimension Figure

BlueSun-60 (MFG-III)

BlueSun-110 (MFG-1)

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BlueSun-60 (MFG-III)

BlueSun-110 (MFG-1)

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