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Great response for our ship design and intelligent ship system at Marintec China 2019.

Marintec China 2019 held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre on 3 Dec to 6 Dec 2019 has played a big role in bringing international industry players together in one location to share the latest technology news and valuable experiences at the exhibition, various technical seminars and other events.

Marintec China 1.jpg

We are proud to be participating Marintec China 2019 with HEU Ship Tech to showcase our high performance ship design and intelligent ship system including an Intelligent Integrated Bridge System designed by Our partner, YUJIANG.

The intelligent integrated bridge system is a fully digital ship control system. By building a unified data centre of the whole ship, information sharing and integration among communication system, navigation system, host monitoring system, steering gear control system, operation control system and other auxiliary systems can be realized.

Marintec China 2 (3).jpg

The unified control panel interface is adopted to achieve the consistency of panel control style. The unified display terminal is adopted to display the information of each system equipment and provide quick switch based on configuration.

Marintec China 2 (2).jpg
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