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Cabin Anti-Vibration and
Acoustic Insulation System

We developed a series of products suitable for cabin acoustic insulation, which includes sound insulation wall panels, dampers, damping duct, floating flooring and lightweight damping flooring.

Cabin anti vibration and sound insulatio

1. Deckhead

2. Sound insulation wall panels

3. Dampers

4. Damping Duct

5. Floating Flooring

6. Lightweight damping flooring

Damping duct

The damping duct was designed by coating one or multiple layers of damping paints on the surface of the duct, its high vibration consumption properties in the wide range of frequency are achieved through optimized mixture formula. It meets the requirement of reducing the vibration in the duct for marine AC system.



  • High damping effect

  • Less airflow resistance

  • Take less space

  • Easy moulding

  • No additional packing required

Damping Duct.JPG

Lightweight damping flooring

Lightweight damping flooring, being different from floating structure flooring, is a lightweight structure integrating damping coated cover to obtain anti-vibration performance without increasing the weight of the vessel while the travelling comfort is balanced. 
Lightweight damping flooring is composed of base steel plate covered by damping paint, on which the AL foam is covered and finally with finishes. 


Technical Advantages

  • Low density & thin

  • High anti-vibration & damping

  • Excellent energy absorbing and anti-shocking

  • MOdular assembly

Lightweight Damping Flooring.JPG


The floating flooring: the anti-vibration and heat insulation material, as well as other elastomers, will be directly paved on the base flooring to form a composite structure together with the bulkhead to achieve anti-vibration, noise reduction and acoustic insulation.

Floating Flooring.JPG

Damping rubber sheet

SG damping rubber sheet is mainly composed of high damping modified rubber, which is produced by the technique of polymer doped modification, featuring high damping, high-temperature stability, high adhesion, high elongation, etc. The damping rubber sheet is effective in structural vibration and noise reduction by changing the mode of vibration and blocking the path of transmission.


Product Structure:

(1) AL film (0.12mm)

(2) Modified Rubber (1.5mm milk white)

(3) Release Paper

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