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We provide planning, hull design, naval architecture, lightweight material & equipment package, shipbuilding support & service etc.


Great interior design provide  a comfortable, safe, economic maritime working and living environment for the crews on board

Who are we?

Supported by Harbin Engineering University's leading expertise and technology advantage in the field of naval architecture and ocean engineering, PIO-Ship is committed to design, R&D, system integration and engineering service in High Performance Ship Design, Ship Interior Design and Outfitting, Marine Equipment, Digitalisation and Anti-corrosion Integrated Engineering and as well as other aspects. Our parent company are approved as the national High-Tech enterprise, and obtained the Military Quality Management System Certification and Military Security Certification.



Ship Design

We offer a wide range of design services for commercial ship such as Ferry, Ro-Pax vessels with capacity above 400 paxs. 


Local Building Support

Do not have experience project manager for the job? Well, you can count on us for the building support at your site with experience project manager to get the job done


Shipbuilding Kit

We fabricate all the part and parcel, pack them up nicely and ship to the designated shipyard for assembly. 


Marine Lightweight Furniture

We make your ship light weight!
Our marine lightweight furniture are compliance with IMO regulation. You can also engage us for the complete lightweight accommodation package with great value.


Technology Transfer

So, after ship delivery, your crew may face problem catching up with on-board technology? No worry, we provide a technology transfer presentation to get them ready.


Digitalise Solutions

IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manual) is a tablet that provide interface training of ship equipments and repair guide. It helps shipowner reduce the cost of maintenance as crew are equipped with self-repair & self-rescue ability when IETM in use.